What Clients Are Saying

Amanda is one of the great listeners. Paying attention to what is said, felt, seen, and touched, Amanda so skillfully gathers from her knowledge base and her humanness to offer treatments that soothe, rejuvenate and heal. Thank you for bringing your compassionate heart and “wise-beyond-your-years” self into my personal health journey. The subtle systems of the body and mind are in good stead with your gentle, intentioned touch!

Christine, Palm Beach, FL

I love working with Amanda Lewis and Healthy Living Acupuncture! Amanda brings a depth of knowledge, grace, and skill to her work as well as an indefatigable optimism, smile, and caring spirit. She sees her clients through their issues to completion and holds their innate wholeness in her vision.

Cara, Ithaca, NY

I have been seeing Amanda regularly for four years. She has greatly helped me with issues relating to chronic fatigue and pain as well as sinus issues. I haven't found anyone that I like in Chicago that I like as much as Amanda. When visiting upstate New York I look forward to booking an acupuncture session with her.

Dawn, Chicago, IL

Amanda is a gifted practitioner, but more importantly an excellent listener and a peaceful presence. She knows the right questions to ask to get to the source of the issue. Her practice is thoughtful and comfortable; I can't imagine a better place to receive healing. She balances her acupuncture work with herbal supplements, which have been the most positive tool in my own health maintenance. Amanda's skills and practice are the most comforting and sustainable way to heal that I've found in upstate New York.

Karyn, Bainbridge, NY

I've been a patient of Amanda's for many years. I often arrive for my appointment feeling out-of-whack, physically and/or emotionally. But by the time I leave her office I have been returned to a more balanced and harmonious state. I treasure the times when I am in her presence and under her care.

Irene, Ithaca, NY

My experience with Amanda’s acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments have been “a dream come true.” Not only do I feel so much better, but I’m no longer concerned about the side effects from prescription medications and invasive procedures often recommended as part of western medical treatments.

Gail, Binghamton, NY

I've seen Amanda for a number of issues, and she has also treated me in one situation over a long period of time. She's an excellent acupuncturist who does a great job of combining "eastern" knowledge and training with a western sense of flexibility and individualized treatment. She listens carefully and brings substantial knowledge, experience and skill to your treatment, and, most importantly, her work has been very effective with and for me. I highly recommend her!

Jeff, Ithaca, NY

The most significant acupuncture treatments I’ve had in my life were definitely with Amanda Lewis. The symptoms I was suffering from basically disappeared after my first few sessions and they never showed up again. Amanda’s velvet touch shifts you back into balance again and lifts your spirits at the same time. I can also highly recommend her expertise in Chinese herbal medicine.

Pia, Andes, NY

I am pleased to give Amanda my highest recommendation. She truly listens and has tailored treatment programs specifically to my needs. I find her to be a gifted and caring healer who is dedicated to her profession and really does care about her clients. Do yourself a big favor and go see her!

Douglas, Oneonta, NY

I was apprehensive about my first experience with acupuncture because I've always feared needles and the idea of placing several of them into my skin while fully conscious was frightening to me. Even so, I had heard many good things about Amanda Lewis at PADMA, so I gave her a call. Her kind and gentle spirit immediately put me at ease. It was clear that she truly loves what she does and I must say, she does it well! My fears were alleviated and the results were amazing. Amanda Lewis is a highly skilled healer.

Judith, Ithaca, NY

Acupuncture treatments with Amanda Lewis are deeply refreshing, healing, and professional. Her extensive intake form covers a wide range of factors and her treatments have been exceptionally effective for me. There was no pain at all - instead, it was very soothing and nourishing! Afterwards I was amazed how much better I felt. Now I try to get regular acupuncture treatments to strengthen my immune system and prevent future sickness. Amanda has had extensive training- including a 1-year hospital residency in Beijing- and her bedside manner is incredibly caring. Very highly recommended!

John, Binghamton, NY

Before I met Amanda, my knee and shoulder hurt so bad there was no way I could run. After working with her for a series of treatments, I was able to complete an Ironman Triathalon! I’ve been telling all my friends to come see her!

Steve, Ithaca, NY

Amanda helped to regulate my body after a miscarriage and then subsequently helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy. She also treated the anxiety I experienced during TTC (trying to conceive) and pregnancy as a result of my history of miscarriage. I fully believe I have a healthy baby boy thanks to Amanda's work.

Jackie, Binghamton, NY

I cannot sing enough praises about Amanda. When I came to see Amanda I thought that I was destined to be in pain. However, Amanda reassured me that through a combination of acupuncture and Chinese medical herbs I could live a pain-free life. She was definitely right! I feel amazing now all of the time. I can't thank her enough!

Luz, Chicago, IL

Amanda has brought my digestive system back to nearly 100% after suffering from years of the aftereffects of dysentery. Her knowledge base, having trained significantly in China, is such that you would think you were coming for a doctor's appointment – lots of detailed medical history taken, smart questions about past health issues, and a great bedside manner. The treatment itself, as is the case with good acupuncture, is both painless and incredibly relaxing. Having been fully cured of my digestive woes, I now go regularly to Amanda to develop better immunity and overall well-being.

Christopher, Ithaca, NY

Amanda is a fantastic acupuncturist. She is extremely knowledgeable about both acupuncture and herbal medicine. In addition, she is one of the most caring people I have ever come across. Thinking of needles made me initially apprehensive but Amanda uses extremely thin needles so you barely feel them. Amanda helped relieve my earaches, back pain, and stress. She is such a talented healer that I saw her for two years. Sadly, I have since moved and can no longer see her for treatments. She is a diamond in the rough and if you are lucky enough to live near her practice - give acupuncture a try!

Jessica, Oneonta, NY

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